New Orleans

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve never been to New Orleans before, but it has been on my “bucket list” for a long time.

So, next week I head out to an Obesity Help event with a few extra days for exploring a bit of the Big Easy.

I have been watching food network travel shows and have a few restaurants I want to go to see, first and foremost Dooky Chase’s. Leah Chase, the owner of Dooky’s has been cooking since 1946. Now 90 something she still reports in and makes rounds on the customers to say hi and see that everything is ok. She was the inspiration for Tiana , the little girl in the princess and the frog  who wanted her own restaurant more than anything. Her restaurant was a center for people working to integrate restaurants in days gone by. It used to be a hang out for Ray Charles. I wonder if I can still feel the historical vibes in the air?

I’d like to do a walking tour of the garden district – strolling down Charles street looking at the houses and imagining Ann Rice characters behind the curtains.  I do have a listing to call for a guided tour. I’m undecided whether to just use a book or hire a tour.  Will Lestat be there?

Also wish to tours the St. Louis cemetary – one of the “Cities of the Dead” to look at the architecture of the vaults and memorial statues. maybe a little morbid. But I did read not to go wandering around alone, High crime rate in the cemeteries, crowded, lots of twists and turns and places for people to hide.

I can just imagine strolling along at night and listening for Jazz music  and sipping a hurricane to cool off in the steamy New Orleans heat. aaahhhhh….

And about those beads….  (@)(@)


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