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Tonight I joined 2 groups on

Now I just have to get up the courage to actually go to a gathering….

Self doubts. Am I too old? Will they laugh at me? Will anyone think I’m interesting? What if I’m still the odd kid out sitting on the side with no one to talk to?

I’m thinking it will be an easier first step to getting out there than an actual dating situation like on match. com

I need to do things other than work and stay home, and see grand kids.

Wish me luck.  The crazy thing is looking at my work schedule and my class schedule starting next Monday – I have almost NO time to go out if I want to actually sleep too.



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I have been divorced for 1 month today. When my divorce became final, Many people congratulated me. I really didn’t see at as a victory or a win or reason to celebrate. It was a tremendous loss, much like a death. If one said, “my husband died,”  no one would say “hey congratulations!” But my marriage dies and I heard “hey congratulations!”

I also heard from a couple of people about what a failure a divorce is. Really? I was married for 34 years. I did my best. I think we beat the odds, being teenagers when we got married. Yeah, I knew people placed bets on the 6 month mark. Some of them are on multiple marriages themselves. so I don’t accept their judgement.

I guess I am also in a minority in that I wish my ex husband well. Truly. I want him to have a wonderful life. we had some pretty miserable years and I hope his life gets on track and he makes up for those years by living well and being happy.