Posted: August 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have been divorced for 1 month today. When my divorce became final, Many people congratulated me. I really didn’t see at as a victory or a win or reason to celebrate. It was a tremendous loss, much like a death. If one said, “my husband died,”  no one would say “hey congratulations!” But my marriage dies and I heard “hey congratulations!”

I also heard from a couple of people about what a failure a divorce is. Really? I was married for 34 years. I did my best. I think we beat the odds, being teenagers when we got married. Yeah, I knew people placed bets on the 6 month mark. Some of them are on multiple marriages themselves. so I don’t accept their judgement.

I guess I am also in a minority in that I wish my ex husband well. Truly. I want him to have a wonderful life. we had some pretty miserable years and I hope his life gets on track and he makes up for those years by living well and being happy.


  1. barb says:

    And this is why you are a great person because it takes a great person to wish someone well when they admittedly had a hard time in their past relationship.

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