Guess who is back in school? yes, me. Miss “129 hours at the community college and no I do not have a bachelors degree” is back at the community college. However, Since I have moved, I now will be attending McHenry ¬†Community College instead of Elgin. This semester I’m studying Digital photography. I only wish I could afford the Photoshop program we use in class – but it is $700.

-I wonder…. Do I hold a record for ECC in regards to length of attendance – I have been going there intermittently for 29 years. It reminds me of the movie Animal house “7 years of college down the drain.”

I issue a challenge Рis there any one out there who can match me with 29 years of college and no degree? at one time I had decided not to take any more classes unless they were directly related to getting a degree, that I was wasting my time. It was in a large part related to my ex husband getting his MBA. he accomplished so much and I was still plugging along making no real progress. I even started an online BSN completion program that lasted exactly one class. I absolutely HATED it. I need the classroom camaraderie, interaction with other students and teachers face to face. I am finding more often than not, I am now the oldest in my classes by decades. I am older than my teachers by decades.  I learn a lot from all the 20-something year olds in my classes. They are smart, creative, energetic, in a way that motivates and energizes ME.

Now I have made a new decision. I like learning. I like learning what I want to learn. My interests are very eclectic. (ok ADHD more likely) I am going to do what I LIKE. I’m going to quote my 5 year old Granddaughter, Jane “because I like it and its not hurting anyone.”